A selection of Cannon Mountain photographs taken during the Winter months. Cannon is located in the White Mountains at the northern end of Franconia Notch State Park. The ski area is one of the oldest in North America.

Absolutely still - Taft Slalom Trail, near the bottom of the first pitch
January 2011
10in x10in
Mount Lafayette hiding its face - Vista Way
February 2010
10in x 10in
Over the whole land - On Vista Way
February 2011
10in x 10in
The Cold is our Element - The trail to the transmitter tower at the summit of Cannon Mountain.
January 2011
10in x 10in
Powder Day - At the saddle on the way to Mittersill
February 2009
10in x10in
Far up this Cold Mountain - Looking Southeast from the transmitter tower at the peak of the mountain.
February 2013
10in x 10in
Vista Way Trail on a Cold Day
January 2011
10in x 10in
First Tracks - Near the top of Taft Slalom Trail
January 2011
10in x 10in
Vista Way
January 2007
11in x 7.5in
A mind of Winter - At the summit of Cannon Mountain, Mount Lafayette hidden in the clouds.
February 2007
10in x 8in
"Baby, It's Cold Outside"
January 2005
10in x 8in
Echo Lake and the Front Five - Fraconia Notch State Park
November 2008
11.5" x 7.7"


A dusting of snow ...
November 2, 2014
15.7" x 10.5"
Remembering Ron Kirby - On the way to Mittersill looking back at Cannon Mountain
February 5, 2015
15" x 10"
Up on Cannon Mountain looking across the Franconia Notch towards Mount Lafayette and the Franconia Ridge
18in x 10in